New band of the week: L.A. Girlfriend

The Guardian - February 2016

Sydney Banta, alias LA Girlfriend, is the musical lovechild of Kim Gordon and Kylie. She’s very 80s. But which 80s – the cool one or the cheesy one? Well, both. Banta reminds us of that moment in 2008-09 when La Roux, Little Boots, Lady Gaga and Ladyhawke occupied this column. One of the great things about those artists was that they got it a bit wrong. Enough time had elapsed for them not to give a toss about the gap between the “good” 80s and the “bad”, the hip and the naff. Instead, they seemed to delight in everything from that decade, chucking it all into the mix. LA Girlfriend’s fromage detector seems to be similarly awry. Her album, a blur of pop fizz and indie drizzle, shimmery melodies and shoegaze haze, is almost a concept homage to that whole era, with references to New Order and Pat Benatar, My Bloody Valentine and Laura Branigan, revolutionary British guitar-noise and perky US skinny-tie new wave. It’s just a shame she wasn’t around during the first golden age of MTV because, given the sound of her debut album, Neon Grey, she might have been all over it like a rash...

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