L.A. Girlfriend creates reckless ambiance of passion on "Regina"

The Deli Mag - March 2018

Sydney Banta embodies everything we love about the 80s. Banta, who goes by L.A. Girlfriend, creates an illuminating and reckless ambiance of passion, female empowerment and electric pop-punk. She exemplifies all of those on her latest video for "Regina,"  a three-part, larger-than-life visual that is as moving as it is entertaining. Her choreography provokes the audience but her lyrics pull at your heartstrings, and I can’t stop listening.

Banta’s lyrical enlightenment has me itching for more, and as a listener, I crave storytelling through lyrics. But she doesn’t stop there - she passionately holds onto the things that make her unique, and we, as an audience, should praise her for that.

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