Meet Jake Ryan

Artwork by  Robin Eisenberg

Artwork by Robin Eisenberg

For as long as I remember, 80s music has been a core pillar of my existence. In addition, I give my Mom full credit for showing me classic 80s cinema like Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Can't Buy Me Love, and the all-time holy grail, Sixteen Candles.

As homage to all these things I grew up with, despite being a 90s baby, never has it felt like a better time to make my own DJ night named after the ultimate John Hughes heartthrob himself. Jake Ryan is the latest adventure in the LAGF saga and I couldn't be more excited about it - DJing nothing but 80s music? The dream come true.  

If you're in the LA area, come by The Friend in Silver Lake on July 20th for the debut of Jake Ryan

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