Rad pic by Michael Melwani of me opening Check Yo Ponytail in 2013

Rad pic by Michael Melwani of me opening Check Yo Ponytail in 2013

Instagram can be pretty rad. 

In my nightly scrolls through alternate universes, I'll stumble upon the cool, the creative, the hilarious and sometimes the weird AF. On one night in particular, an old friend posted an image of a door hanger made by an Etsy artist. On the piece of cloth that hung from the doorknob was the phrase "GET FREE," knitted or printed in a granny stitch font. 

Days after seeing that, I couldn't get it out of my mind. I know years prior, Major Lazer released an album of the same name, but at that moment in time (especially with all that was happening on the personal front) GET FREE became a personal motto. 

As we grow older, the weight of responsibility seems to get heavier. Dreams we had as children start to fade and the time we set aside for adventures somehow slips away. For me, adopting #GETFREE wasn't about the barriers I face externally - it was aimed at overcoming the limits I've set for myself internally. As far as L.A. Girlfriend goes, the phrase is the drive behind my goals to be bigger and better as an artist. 

#GETFREE is a call-to-action to breakthrough your limits and redefine your life. If you're in a relationship that isn't feeding your soul, #GETFREE of your boo. If your job sucks, #GETFREE of that environment. If you want to achieve what you personally think is impossible, #GETFREE of your thoughts yo! It's when we dare to push our limits that our potential can be revealed. 

As the year continues, I'll be using the hashtag #GETFREE as a way to always come back to this "home-base" of thinking. Since it's already helped me get out of some soul-sucking situations, I'm excited to see what kind of cool things we can do with this little added dose of HELL YEAH. 

L.A. Girlfriend#GETFREE