New Year. New Music.

Cover artwork by  Shoot Me Raw . Co-styled by Sydney Banta.

Cover artwork by Shoot Me Raw. Co-styled by Sydney Banta.

Last year was crazyyyyy busy - I released Neon Grey my second LP, played a festival, and even traveled to play shows for new crowds in new places. As 2016 started its second act, my personal life was hit with some challenges. That rough patch however, got me thinking about L.A. Girlfriend as a project, where I wanted to go, and how I've justified the fear of "getting mine" for so long as a repetitive cycle of proving to myself that I could do this. 

From that moment, #GETFREE was born, as well as the next two releases of the LAGF discography. REX and REGINA (Latin for "King" and "Queen",) were created as one a single LP, but because 2017 is for living on the edge, I've split them into two mini LPs (some say it's just two EPs, but whatever, humor me.)

The concept of royalty has always been interesting to me. I have a secret soft spot in my heart for the gaudy, but I'm also drawn to all the things surrounding "royalty" - like pride, strength, excess, tradition, etc. Looking through that lens toward human behavior and emotional process, I started to explore REX and REGINA as the "two sides of the same coin"; that coin being me. I believe that an individual can embody both sides - sometimes we're strong & compassionate, others we're fearful yet courageous. However, the goal wasn't to identify one set of characteristics as inherently masculine/king-like vs feminine/queen-like. The fun is in the fluidity... 

Which brings me to the music itself: each collection of songs encompasses both sides. I'm a romantic at heart, but boy do I love me some distorted, hard synth sounds too. So in true LAGF form, I've continued to play off contrast while further evolving my sound. I'm pretty excited about the end result. #FireJamsForAll

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